Call for Paper 3rd International Seminar on Linguistics (ISOL-3)

Current Theme

Language and Social Change

August 24, 2017, Universitas Andalas, West Sumatera, Indonesia



It is undeniable that, like human being, language also changes. The lexicon once used in a language may no longer be used in the next few years. In contrast, a lexicon that did not exist before appeared and was widely used in the next period. The pronunciation of a word may change from time to time.

Many factors can cause language changes. Contacts between cultures or speakers of different language, language policies made by the authorities or government and the advancement of science and technology are among the factors responsible for the change.

Social change in a society is triggered by various factors. In Indonesia, reform is one of the causes of change in various aspects of social life, including government, politics, economy and culture. All these changes are recorded by or reflected in language.

In order to respond to the effects of social dynamics to language,  the Graduate Program of Linguistics, Andalas University (UNAND), in cooperation with the Indonesian Linguistic Society of UNAND branches, implemented the 3rd ISOL with the theme ‘Language in Social Dynamics’.

We invite language observers and researchers, students and the public to present their research results, share information and experiences in this scientific event.

Call for Paper

We invite researchers, academicians, professional, students and other participants to participate in the current seminar. We accept the articles in the following topics:

1) Language and Social Change
2) Language in Media
3) Language in International Communication
4) Language and National Integration
5) Language Change and Language Teaching
6) Language and Politeness
7) Language Change in Literature
8) Language Role in ASEAN Economic Community