International Seminar on Linguistics (ISOL-5)

September 16, 2021
Online Via Zoom

ISOL 5 (2021)

ISOL is a biennial international seminar held by the Linguistics Graduate Program of Faculty of Humanities, Andalas University in collaboration with the Linguistic Society of Indonesia (MLI), Chapter Padang. ISOL aims to provide a discussion platform for linguists and language observers accross Indonesia and foreign country. Its main objective is to enhance the exchange of research and new approaches in language studies. The seminar is open to interested people from outside of Indonesia.

Language, Power, and Politic

Dr. Luh Anik Mayani, M. Hum.

Ketua MLI Pusat

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Dr. Amir Kalan

McGill University, Canada

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Dr. H. Fadlizon, S.S., M.Sc.

Indonesian Politician